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Without bravery, mediocrity is inevitable.

About "The HAM"

Purpose of the Hilo Art Museum is to increase and diffuse knowledge; to encourage the appreciation of art; to maintain in the County of Hawaii, or elsewhere, a museum or museums; to collect and preserve objects of artistic interest; to protect historic works and other works of art, to provide facilities for education, research and publication and to offer opportunities for aesthetic enjoyment.

About Hilo Art Museum : The museum is a Hawaii non-profit corporation with offices on the Big Island of Hawaii. The museum was founded April 15, 2007.



The Hilo Art Museum will maintain a collection of fine art from many time periods, as well as many types of art from around the World. The teaching collection contains high-quality painted reproductions of several of the great masters. It is a unique opportunity to see lifesize reproductions of works never before displayed all in the same place.

Our education program utilizes our knowledge of the world's masters to offer practical classes in art.

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Hours of Operation and Admission

9am to 9pm daily except for some holidays.